Media and Publications

“Mattox’s surrealistic renderings of ornamentation, flora and architectural elements are regularly juxtaposed against elements of twenty-first century humankind (silhouetted figures, airplanes and buildings), the cubist forms of African art and outsider art; all interpretations as likely displayed through the most ancient method of art making (drawing) as such contemporary methods as sculptural elements (3D), collage and image appropriation. Additionally, his sense of color and structure add an element of abstraction that, when combined with his visual acuity, squarely place Mattox’s work within the most advanced echelons of contemporary art. Mattoon’s work continuously pulled the viewer back to it to find something fresh and new. It looks simple, but it is far from it.”

— Geri Hooks, President
Hooks-Epstein Galleries
Houston, TX

“Yes Mattox’s work speaks to the contemporary condition. Like an electronic age shaman he offers whispers of a mythic other world. His work carries us down the path of so many non-technological cultures and into the territories of other similarly  inclined artists: Vartanian, Whiteman, etc. Yet his art is uniquely his own … The installation is a most refreshing romantic visit to a present day anti-life, an intellectual vacation from 1993.”

— Doug McCasksy
New Orleans Times Picayune
New Orleans, LA

Selected Publications / Reviews

2017 Fall/Winter –  Review of “Resurfacing” show at Carol Robinson Gallery, New Orleans Art Review

2017 – Cover Artist and profile, Inside New Orleans Magazine

2017, 2014, 2003 – Cover Artist and profile, Inside Northside Magazine

2016 – Artist Profile, New Orleans Home and Lifestyle Magazine

2015 – May, “Stepping Away from the Blue Crescent” review, Times-Picayune

2014 – October, “Archeology of Solitude. Bernard Mattox’s Newest Works”, Times-Picayune

2012 – Summer – “The Wonderful Whimsical World of Bernard Mattox”, New Orleans Art Review

2012 – The Paintings of Bernard Mattox (hard cover book)

2005 – New American Paintings

2002 – Five-page article/interview, Red Dot Magazine

2002 – “Creative Force,” Mattox at the Brunner Gallery

2001 – Interview with Studio Potter Magazine

2001 – “Mattox Shapes His Cityscapes,” New Orleans Times-Picayune 

1999 – ”The Spirit of Diagilev – Multi-media Collaboration,” Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, LA

1999 – “Art as a Symbol,” New Orleans Times Picayune by Sam McCarty

1998 – Southern Living Magazine

1997 – “Report From New Orleans,” Art in America

1996 – “100 Years of Newcomb Ceramics,” New Orleans Museum of Art

1996 – “Report From New Orleans,” Art In America, by Narci Vetrocq

1995 – “Mythoscapiae – The Art of Bernard Mattox,” The Times of Acadiana 

1993 – “The Electronic Age and the Cyclops Kitchen,” New Orleans Art Review 

1993 – “Mattox: Modern Art, Ancient Twist,” New Orleans Times-Picayune 

1990 – “Parallels,” The New Orleans Art Review

1987 – Louisiana Major Works Catalog, Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, LA